Efisensi Reproduksi Reproduksi Sapi Perah Peranakan Fries Holland.

Marhaeniyanto, Eko (2005) Efisensi Reproduksi Reproduksi Sapi Perah Peranakan Fries Holland. Jurnal Buana Sains. Volume 5 Nomor 2 Desember 2005. Hal 157-166. ISSN 1412-1638, 5 (2). pp. 157-166. ISSN 1412-1638

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This research aimed to study the reproduction efficiency of milk cow PFH at the various level of lactation in works area of KUD “Tani Makmur” sub district Senduro, District of Lumajang. The material used in this research included 94 breeders who had milk cow PFH. From these 94 breeders, it got 297 productive female cows with contained of 62 cows at the lactation level I, 111 cows athe the lactation level II, 39 cows at the lactation level III, 33 cows at the lactation level IV, and 22 cows at the lactation l;evel > V. The results showed that the average of reproduction efficiency value of milk cow PFH in the work area of KUD “Tani Makmur” was 84.20 percent. This value was considered low because it is affected by the length of DO, that is 112.16 days, S/C was 1.71 times, CR reached 59.66 percent and FS showed 48.44. Thus with the mothers age of 67.22 months and Calving Interval 12.57 months would produced 3.39 new birth, witch it should have reached 4.19 head. It also might effect the production amaouth of the milk for lifetime. Bases on the results of the research, it can be concluded that for mothers with 67.22 month old and CI 12.57 months would 3.39 calves thus the value of reproduction efficiency would not reach optimum value that is 84.29 percent. In fact, appropriate value for reproduction efficiency was at the second lactation level, that reached 54.14%. To get the optimum value of reproduction efficiency, it is suggestion to shorten the Calving Interval and Days Open, to statilize S/C, and to increase calf birth value. Key words : Reproduction efficiency, Lactation, PFH generation cow.

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