Similarity Business Opportunity of Chips Small Group Industry in order to Increase Family Income

Hulopi, Fauzia and Santosa, Budi Similarity Business Opportunity of Chips Small Group Industry in order to Increase Family Income. IEESE Institute of Excellent Engineer, Jombang.

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The science and technology for community (IbM) aimed to: (1) Increase production capacity through appropriate technology innovation; (2) Transfer knowledge of little industry partners on the ingredient material processing and chips' product variation in various flavors; (3) Supervise and guide in making attractive packaging to extend marketing network; (4) Help in realizing chips little industry partners’ products listed on the Health Department of to get P–IRT number. The implementation of activities applied in IbM through several stages covered approach method, supervising, training/counseling, guiding and realizing problem solving in chips small group industry. The applications of appropriate technology to realize small-scale industry equipment facilities were by providing chopper and grated cassava engine and other support facilities in order to improve efficiency and production capacity, product processing training about various flavors, guiding in designing packaging and registering P-IRT so that the chips' product could be sold in shops and supermarkets. The implementation of IbM for chips small group industry showed that: (1) There was increasing time efficiency and production capacity. The appropriate innovation technology on small-scale industry applied in the form of chopper/grated cassava engines, and its complementary facility could help to save production process time to increase production capacity; (2) There was technology transfer of making chips with varied flavors so that partners could make their own varied flavors; (3) There was improved packaging, which was still in design stages; and (4) There was registering process of P-IRT number. The indicator of success which could be achieved from the activities implemented was there was an increase in production by the presence of appropriate technology innovation such as chopper and grated engine for the ingredients. In the past the Partner I took 3-4 hours to scrape 25 kg of cassava, now it needs just 1-2 hours to resolve. Similarly, the Partner 2 in the past for chopping 1 quintal cassava manually needed four hours with six working persons, at present with the help of chopper machine, it can produce three quintals of cassava per day done by one person only. The fixing appearance of packaging was done by guiding in designing packaging with varied sizes made of plastic with sticker label containing information in accordance with the regulation of Household Food Industry so that the products could be sold with more secure, hygienic, and attractive in the markets. The varieties of products with various flavors other than salty chips are by adding sweet, spicy, onion, and barbeque, which are preferred by the society.

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