Dewi, Sulih Indra and Lasari, Yuni and Rinata, Asfira Rachmad (2020) SHARENTING: NEW PRACTICE OF PARENTING IN DIGITAL AGE. Searching for the Next Level of Human Communication: Human, Social, and Neuro (Society 5.0) ICA Regional Conference 2019. pp. 520-531. ISSN 978-602-5681-86-8

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Social Networking Sites (SNS) have become important platform in sharing everyday life and disclosing our personal image. Today, parenting and and the activities on SNShas become a visible andthe term “sharenting” becomes common in everyday talk. Sharenting is a new term coming from the word share and parenting. It refers to the parents’ activities on SNS such as posting their children’s photos or their activities as parents. The phenomenon of sharing and disclosing information about children on SNS has grown rapidly. Social networking sites such as Instagram are full of information and photos potraying parenthood moments. There are many debatable isssues related to this activities such as the children’s privacy and the risk they may experience. In Indonesia, the sharenting activities in Instagram are commonly practiced by new mothers including celebrities and influencer. This research aimed to find out two dimensions of self-disclosure- the breadth and depth of the shared information and the underlaying decision process which make parents share their children’s personal photos and information. This research useda descriptive qualitative method. This method was chosen to explore in depth information and data through interview and observation techniques. The analysis of data uses interactive analysis including data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. There were ten young mothers as informants of this researh who regularly post their personal information especially their moments with their children on Instagram. The result showed that most informants shared their children’s photos, stories, anecdotes and products they used for their children. Most of them shared personal or intimate moment with their children, and only few limit the shared photos and privacy account system. Most of these young women shared the photos daily and some only in some special Searching for the Next Level of Human Communication: Human, Social, and Neuro (Society 5.0) ICA Regional Conference 2019 | 521 occasions. The motives which drove these young mothers to share their children's photos and information were pride, stay connected with family and friends, receive social support and self-actualization as new parents. Most of them had a lack of awareness of the privacy issue and the consequences of their actions. Keywords: Sharenting, children’s privacy, Instagram, transition to parenthood

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