Peer Review est of Hypoglikemic Effect of Brown Seaweeds Extract (Padina and Sargassum binderi) on Mice Induced by Alloxan

Mushollaeni, Wahyu and Rusdiana, Endang Peer Review est of Hypoglikemic Effect of Brown Seaweeds Extract (Padina and Sargassum binderi) on Mice Induced by Alloxan. Journal of Agriculture and Food Technology.

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Meatballs household business by Cak Sam and Flamboyant Catering are business groups of society which have been economically productive household-scale enterprises in the area of ​​Malang, East Java. Both of them have been running for nearly three years. However, they still need guidance and mentoring effort in terms of production and business management. Currently, they have collaborated to improve the productivity of businesses. They also help each other in efforts in disseminating information about each of them to their customers. They have the same determination to change the fate of a poor farm worker into an entrepreneur. The image of business in society will increase when confidence increases. If public confidence increases, the number of consumers will increase. When the product is offered more diverse and has a guaranteed quality, the product sales will increase. Promotion and dissemination which are interesting and informative will be able to provide information to the public about the type of products in which the business will be more developed. Some programs made to achieve these goals were technical assistance and guidance through the provision of appropriate technology packages in the processing of products, improvement of promotion and training of sanitation and hygiene. The training done at the manufacture of various breads and also traditional and modern cakes. These activities had also been carried out by training of making creative meatballs. These activities had provided results in increased revenue and productivity from both businesses. Revenue increased to 70% due to the increasing number of orders and store foods that require products from both industries. Public response to the products is better as the means of promotion is getting better and more diverse products are offered with more affordable price.

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Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
Depositing User: Dr.T. Wahyu Mushollaeni
Date Deposited: 29 Aug 2020 23:32
Last Modified: 29 Aug 2020 23:32

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