PentaHelix Synergy on Tourism Development in Batu, East Java

Willy Tri, Hardianto and Sumartono, Sumarttono and MR Khairul, Muluk and Andi, Fefta Wijaya PentaHelix Synergy on Tourism Development in Batu, East Java. IJICC.

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Tourism in Batu, a city in East Java, has developed rapidly and requires involvement from various stakeholders. This research related to the actual implementation of tourism development, using exploratory studies of the ‘Penta Helix’ concept, defined below, which was carried out to compile a complete picture of the idea. A qualitative approach deepened archival understanding and developed observations and interviews with field actors. PentaHelix involves synergies, in this case to develop the tourism sector. There is a ‘PentaHelix’ or collaboration of five elements; namely government, academia, private, media and environmental institutions. However, several weaknesses were found in this synergy, namely the role of academics and environmental institutions. They are called weak points due to a lack of synergy in maximising their roles. The realization of the desired tourism development is a model of synergising tourism development with ‘inter-helix’ cooperation. Academics and environmental institutions need to increase their performance, to synergise tourism development with a PentaHelix perspective in Batu. Moreover, they can build symbiosis between tourism and a PentaHelix perspective in general, to develop tourism itself through the synergy of various elements in the helix. This research provides a new course, to preserve cultural heritage through a PentaHelix collaboration to develop tourism.

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