Peer Review Prosiding The soil organic dynamics from types biochar-organic fertilizers and soil

Widowati, Widowati and Sutoyo, Sutoyo and Iskandar, Taufik and Karamina, Hidayati Peer Review Prosiding The soil organic dynamics from types biochar-organic fertilizers and soil. Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta.

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The study aimed at examining the effect of different types of biochar-organic fertilizer and soil on the dynamics of soil organic matter. The incubation research of three types of infertile and low productivity soils (litosol, mediteran, regosol) was conducted in agreenhouse. There would be twelve applications of different treatments of biochar and organic fertilizer (single or mixed) with controls. The three kinds of biochar were rice husk, corn cob and jengkok (by product of cigarette industry) and the organic fertilizer was taken from organic waste compost and chicken manure mixed with rice husks. Biochar-organic fertilizer was mixed with soil 3.85 kg at 150 g pot-1 (single) and 75 g pot-1 (mixed) and incubated in 70–80% field capacity for 98 days in different pots. Soil organic carbon was observed after the incubations for 7, 14, 28, 56, and 98 days. The results showed that the highest increase in soil organic matter took place after the application of jengkok biochar or corncob biochar on clay textured soil, while the jengkok biochar or the corncob mix biochar and compost were applied on sandy soil. The highest Regosol soil organic matter of biochar tobacco was applied on the 14th day until the 56th day, and then the corncob mixture biochar and compost were applied on the 98th day. The highest organic soil litosol material of biochar tobacco consisted of tobacco, corncob biochar, and biochar mixture of jengkok and compost at certain times. It could also be seen that

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